Pe-Service was founded by Ernesti Paolo following his long experience of providing services to companies.

In the 90s, after working as a sales representative in the footwear sector, he felt the need and had the opportunity to get to know and deal with the international market and the numerous different opportunities the market offered.

In this decade, his knowledge of the diversity of the markets and their economies, working systems and working methods and their different cultures helped to increase his level of professionalism and to offer high-quality products and services for the end clients of numerous companies.

An underlying problem in all fields was the problem of occupational safety, with human safety first followed by the safety of the structures and/or production facilities.

After building up this experience on an international scale, he made an in-depth analysis of the sector of products with which to resume his activity on the national market.

Naturally, his choice was automatically geared towards the sector of occupational safety.