FORM A: Health and safety in the workplace Legislative Decree 81/08 as subsequently amended and supplemented
FORM B: Fire prevention Presidential Decree 115/11 as subsequently amended and supplemented
FORM C: Environmental safety Legislative Decree 152/06 as subsequently amended and supplemented
FORM D: Construction work Presidential Decree 380/01 and L.T.R. 65/14
FORM E: Food Safety REG. EC 852/04
FORM F: Occupational medicine.
FORM G: Management systems

A training course and informative seminars are mandatory for the worker in relation to all risks.
Training courses for specific equipment.
First-aid course, plus refresher courses.
Training course on fire-prevention, plus refresher courses.
Evacuation and shut-down drills.
Course for the RSPP [Responsabile Servizio Prevenzione e Protezione = prevention and protection service manager]
Course for the RLS [Rappresentante dei lavoratori per la sicurezza = workers’ health and safety representative]
Course of additional training for people-in-charge and managerial staff.
Training course for technical assistants, to qualify as a technician at the Fire Brigade.
Training course on food hygiene (HACCP).